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Technology Thursday: How to Create a Facebook App

Technology Thursday Link upHello friends, this week we are linking up with The Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday.  It is a weekly link up for all things relating to technology. You will find great tips, fun apps, and websites to try for your students.

This week The Teaching 2 Step will show you one way to create a Facebook page app using

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Using you can create three free Apps. If you want to create more, you can upgrade you plan.  If you have created an app using leave your link below, I’d love to check it out. Now head back to The Teaching Trio and read more great technology tips.
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October Bright Idea Blog Hop- Kid Friendly Halloween Food Ideas for Parties

October Bright Idea Blog Hop Kid Friendly Halloween Food Ideas

Welcome to the October Bright Idea Blog Hop. This Blog Hop is all about teaching tip and ideas. It is about inspiring educators with bright ideas. Today, I will be showing you five kid friendly food ideas that you can you use for a Halloween party or create in the classroom for a project. They are quick and easy ideas that require very little prep work and are a healthy fun treat. If your classroom is opting out of the sugar fun, these are some ideas that will still make the kids smile.


Devil Egg Eyeballs
Make your favorite devil egg recipe, dye the filling green. For these I did not dye them since my little ones wouldn’t eat them that way. Though, I imagine that will change as they get older. The olives are for the eyes. I sprinkled on paprika for more of an eye effect, again depending on their age with food coloring and a tooth pick you can draw in the veins and get a more realistic effect. What I like about devil eggs is that they are great for any holiday party, with many different alternatives.

Halloween devil eggs


Jello Molds Creepy Crawlers
Purchase Halloween jello molds and follow instructions as directed to create bite sized colorful treats. They are easy to make, and with a few boxes of different colored jello mix you have a nice set of creepy crawler that kids will eat.

Halloween jello spooky


Pizza Faces
Make homemade pizzas and allow children to decorate using pizza topping such as broccoli, mushrooms, pepperoni, and olives. It is something fun that can be done after first sketching out the faces then creating the face in a group. Afterwards students can write a quick summary of what what they used for each part of their pumpkin faces.

Halloween pizza face


  Pumpkin Vegetables
It is sometimes hard to get kids to eat their vegetables.  By putting together some of their favorite vegetables and creating a pumpkin it gives them a healthy snack to nibble on. Place the dip bowl next to the tray or you can use a small dip tray for the eyes or stem. You can also create a fruit pumpkin tray using oranges, strawberries, bananas and pears.  Both platters sound great for any party.

Halloween pumpkin carrots


 More vegetables!
Yes, how cool do they look with celery fingers coming out of a bowl with broccoli.  You can change this look up a bit by adding dip or another hand. It is simple enough where you can create it in a hurry and it still looks fun and creative.

Halloween witch fingers

Bright Idea Blog Hop Halloween Healthy Food Ideas for Kids

With these kid friendly foods you can inspire your students to create Halloween goodies that are not made of candy. We all love candy, yet I love how fun it is to sneak in healthy treats.

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The Teaching 2 Step Halloween Bash 2014

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Welcome to our First Halloween Blog Hop & Giveaway

We have so much to share with you …let’s get started by meeting all the authors at The Teaching 2 Step and seeing what some of their favorite”treats” are…

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When you hop over to our other TPT friends you will get a wide variety of Halloween recipes, FREE products, sales and you just might hear some good Halloween tales. Thanks for joining us—let’s have some fun!


We have three great giveaway packs for you to enter. We will be giving away two of our prize packs on jump drives (in snail mail) and e-mailing the third. However, that is only JUST the beginning of all the free stuff you can get during this Blog Hop.  Please see all the teachers linked below and visit each of their blogs for free items, tips and sale announcements. Here are the three prize packs.

K-2 Prize Pack Teaching 2 Step jump drive full of all these treats…

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

2-5 Prize Pack Teaching 2 Step jump drive full of all these treats…

Halloween Bash Giveaway
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Secondary Prize Pack e-mailed to the winner!

Halloween Bash Giveaway

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.ArtwithJennyK is celebrating her first TpT Birthday ..and did you know it’s Art with Jenny K’s 1st TPT Birthday??? She’s so excited about her first year at TPT that she’s giving away a hard copy of her Interactive Coloring Book, and the cutest recycled crayons that she makes. Any little artist would love.  She wrote a post about them you can find them here.

If you haven’t already, hop over to her blog to enter to win this book and the crayons (click on the picture below). The giveaway also includes $10 store credit from each of the Teaching 2 Step authors.

ArtwithJennyK Pop Art Coloring Pages

Another celebration moment, allow us to introduce to you to the newest author at The Teaching 2 Step. Her name is Mary Beth and you probably know her best from her amazing Teachers Pay Teachers store, Brain Waves Instruction.

MB - Facebook

We are so excited that she has joined us. Recently, Mary Beth was the organizer of one of the three free ebooks for secondary teachers. If you missed those books you can find our post about them HERE. Welcome Mary Beth, we are so excited to have you. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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A Review of Laura Candler’s Geometry: Exploring the Basics

The world is filled with shapes. Being a shape master,  children can  build a house with a few squares and triangles. We see shapes everywhere. Adding on to our love of shapes I jumped right into master geometry with my third and fourth grader last week. We started with drawing shapes since they already can do that. As I was explaining what lines and polygons were the questions started. Arianna wanted to know why a square was a quadrilateral. I started to explain to her that it was not a square, it was a rectangle. A square is a rectangle but not all rectangles are squares.  She looked confused right?

The look you get when you explain geometry to your little ones

Laura Candler's Geomentry cover pageI knew I needed a different approach.  A visual approach. We needed a strong foundation of geometry.  What I found was Laura Candler’s Geometry: Exploring the Basics.  It is a two week power pack filled with ways to engage students to master the basics, this way they are ready for more complex ideas.  We have been working with this pack for a week, creating a lapbook to store their printables and activities.

Beginning this unit you will find lesson suggestions that outline what students will be learning a major help in planning your day to day. Vocabulary will play an important role in teaching geometry.  We continue to add and talk about the new words they are learning.  Arianna created drawings with the vocabulary while Antonio filled in the geometry worksheet found  in this pack. One thing we had to alter was the writing space for the definitions. He still needs practice writing straight on blank paper, with the space provided it wasn’t enough. We used a single sheet of white paper and cut them into strips and glued them to the page. It worked perfectly for him to fill in.

Geometry Notes. Add your notes, worksheets to a lapbook to store the lesson

Geometry Notes. Students use a visual  dictionary to learn math vocabulary

There are activities included that ask students to sort lines and polygons. We created envelopes to store them next to a polygon foldable; there are examples under them.

Is it a Polygon. Use your geometry lapbook to store math games and sorts

Learning geometry with this power pack is great for my visual learners. They have handy charts that name polygons, tell how many sides it should have, shows illustrations and examples. Blank sheets are included to fill in to be used as notes, quiz, or practice.

Comparing Polygons Fill in the chart

Comparing Polygons

At the end of week Antonio wanted to try the quiz included. Using a dry erase marker he was able to complete the quiz . Here he is checking his quiz and he got them all right.

Lines and Polygon Quiz_Geometry learning the Basics

Geometry Learning the Basics A product review  I really enjoying using this unit in our homeschool lessons this week. It had everything I needed to lay a strong foundation of geometry. With lesson suggestions, activities, printables,  reviewing concepts and games think of a geoboard and tangram challenges it provided the focus we needed. We were able to work on lines, angles, and work with polygons with hands on learning. I am very happy with this product and would recommend i t to educators who are stepping into geometry.

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Staying Organized is Easy Right?

Said No Teacher Ever

Probably not. No teacher has the perfect solution. Papers are everywhere, you can’t find that blue sticky note that was days ago next to your computer screen.  Your grocery list is likely buried under a stack of papers that if you don’t find it soon, you’ll forget it and the coupons that are paper clipped to it will expire.  What’s with all the paper? Lesson planning. Yes, it’s that time of year where you pull everything out and get ready for a new school year. How do you decide what needs to get done first? You make a list or two.

Here are a few ways to organize your To-Do Lists…

The Sticky Note Organizer
Pros: I am big fan of using sticky notes. They come in all shapes, color and sizes. They are easy to use for single thoughts and reminders. I love the tab sticky notes for keeping track of places in binders or books. Cons: They tend to get lost, and forgotten about.

The Notebook Organizer
Pros: Keeping all your thoughts in one place, easy to take with you wherever you go. Holds all your important ideas, ongoing projects, and if you have any random thoughts you can write them here. Cons: You run out of paper and have to get a new notebook, or if you loose it there goes all your great ideas.

The Scribble Anywhere Organizer
Pros: Memo pads, bulletin board, calenders, random pieces of paper (like the back of receipts, you know you’ve done that) This works for some. Cons: You find yourself organizing your random thoughts and those receipts with your scribbled note are left in your jeans forgotten about.

The Smart Phone Organizer
Pros: Using a calender to syn to your phone that is usually with you always with you. You can update it from your computer, and mobile devices, set up alerts and you don’t have the paper trail. Cons: Setting up alerts, on top of your social media notifications. Possibly drains the battery faster.

The I’ll Make a List Organizer
Pros: Neat list you can check off when completed. Project completed, create a new list. These lists are detailed and easy to accomplish. Cons: Too many projects going on at once produce several lists.

The Ultimate OrgOrganize Your Day: Write a To Do Listanizer
Pros: Have an everything organizer with fill ins that change every month. This way of organizing is color coded, everything has a place. Cons: Fill ins for organizer can be an expensive purchase.

Decide which type of organizer you are. Maybe you are combination of two or three. Figure out what works best for you. Organizing your to do list will save time and reduce stress during your week.

Enjoy this freebie, (click here) use it to get into the habit of writing lists that keep you organized.

My Organizer Type
I was once the scribble anywhere notebook type (okay I still do that) I use sticky note tabs to remind me to add the scribble to my to do list, sometimes it gets there. Oh, and I use colored pens and highlighters. What teacher do you know who doesn’t love pens!

My real organizing gets done in  OneNote and I  keep everything there. I can color code, label everything, create new sections within the notebook. Within each section I can add pages, all digitally. I can visual see it all, the tabs are dated. It makes my week run smoothly when I can see the current week, the following week in one place. I also add in all the subjects, projects, meal planning, and expenses. It is what works for me. I still use my notebook, and sticky notes it is still my preferred way of organizing.

Celeste D.

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