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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Middle School

As you know, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is right around the corner.  In celebration of King and to build awareness of his legacy, I like to have students read and analyze his speech, “What is Your Life’s Blueprint?”

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Have you ever read or heard this speech?  If not, stop reading this post right now, and check it out!

It’s such a powerful and motivating speech.  My favorite part is that he gave this speech to a group of junior high students.  Now, 48 years later, another group of students is hearing his message…and his words are just as real and relevant and important as ever.

When teaching this speech, I like to have students build background on Martin Luther King, Jr. by completing a timeline.  Then, to help them develop context for the speech, they work in small groups to investigate Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, and The Civil Rights Movement.  After reading the speech, students are encouraged to react to the speech, connect to the speech, and analyze the speech.  My favorite part is the reflection they write in response to King’s words.

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King’s message in “What is Your Life’s Blueprint” is clear…

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and it’s just as powerful and inspiring as it was the day he delivered the speech.  Now, that’s something worth celebrating on his day!

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Brain Waves Instruction

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2014 Holiday eBooks

holiday ebook featured image.001As a thank you gift for the holidays, Rachel Lynette and others collected, organized and compiled teacher tips and resources from sellers all over Teachers Pay Teachers.  These books are full of FREE resources to say “Thank You” to all of the teachers out there that support other teacher-authors on Teachers Pay Teachers. The books are a holiday gift to all of you from all of us!

Some of the authors here on The Teaching 2 Step were lucky enough to be featured in these books. We’d like to  give you a peek at those free products and make sure you have all the links you need to find these amazing eBooks! We are sure you’ll find a ton of great FREE resources in this book . If you find some new favorite stores, make sure and follow them to keep up with their TpT journey!

Art with Jenny K. made one of her paid products FREE just for this book! She says, “It’s one of my all time favorite “magic tricks” that I’ve used in the classroom, at birthday parties, and even with my niece. I wanted to share it with teachers to say thank you for all the support I’ve recieved for my store.  Using shaving cream, I  teach you how to make marbeliezed paper and then create original Christmas ornaments with the paper.” Click on the image below to see this product featured in the grades 3-5 eBook.

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Literary Sherri is giving teachers the gift of 12 holiday writing prompts that commemorate winter holidays around the world, including  Hanukkah, St. Nicholas Day, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, Boxing Day,
Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Omisoka, and New Year’s Eve. “These writing task cards are unique because they provide a bit of background information about each holiday, so they can be a teaching tool as well as a writing tool! Pique your students curiosity about traditions around the globe and give them the gift of a broader worldview by using these writing prompts to introduce them to the beauty and diversity of cultures around the world!” Click on the image below to add this free product to your December repertoire of resources!

2014 Winter eBook_Literary Sherri

Brain Waves Instruction featured her newest freebie.  It’s an end-of-the-year reflection and infographic.  “I’m totally nuts about infographics, so I thought I’d share the love with students and other teachers.  This freebie includes reflection questions about the calendar year for students and then an infographic template that students can present the events of their year on.  This is such a fun activity to do on the day before the holiday break or even the day they return to school.”  You can check out this freebie by clicking on the image below.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through the books to read all the great tips and see the creativity of the teachers while they share their gifts with you!

Here is a list of all the eBooks. Please consider sharing them with your teacher friends and on your different social media sites — there is something here for everyone!

Grades PreK-K

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-12 ELA, Humanities, and Social Studies

Grades 6-12 Math and Science

Be sure you check out Rachel’s tips and gift! It’s so gracious of her to spend her time putting together these eBooks for teachers. And a huge shout-out (with a truckload of thanks!) to  Addie Williams, Rockin’ Teacher Materials, Mrs. Miner’s Monkey Business, and Julie Faulkner for compiling their books, as well!

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Super Cyber Savings at TpT!

Have you heard?!? Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a Super Cyber Saving Sale on Monday and Tuesday, December 1-2! Use the code TPTCYBER to save up to 28% off your total purchase!

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Give yourself the gift of great resources at these TpT shops:


Find some fabulous Middle School ELA resources at Literary Sherri
Art with Jenny K Round Logo AWJK signatureJenny is dedicated to making art integration easy for classroom teachers. My goal is to set teachers up for success without needing an art background. As one teacher recently said, “Thanks for making me look so cool to my students!” click HERE to visit my store during the big sale.


Amanda over at Daisy Designs has her entire store 20% off Monday and Tuesday! There are new bundles ready for download and a lot of great ideas for your Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade classroom. Click HERE or the image above to check out the sale at Daisy Designs.

Smarticle Particles

Karen from Smarticle Particles will have her store discounted 20% as well! Don’t forget to use the promo code TPTCYBER for an additional discount. Click on the image above to visit my store!

The Education Highway TPT Super Cyber Sale December 1-2Celeste from The Education Highway will have 20% off everything in her store. Great time to stock up on resources for the upcoming holidays.

Meet Our New Authors!

The Teaching 2 Step bloggers has grown by three new, amazing teacher authors! We are excited to announce all three of them today in this blog. To have some fun we asked them a few questions so you could learn a little bit about them.  Read below to see their answers. Then enter our TpT Giveaway and snag a copy of our ebook.

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Meet Mary Beth from Brain Waves Instruction.

What do you love about teaching

Mary Beth:  These days I’m actually not in the classroom.  A devastating budget cut meant that I had to leave my beloved middle school classroom.  However, I’ve found Teachers Pay Teachers to be the perfect outlet for staying connected to the profession I dreamed of doing since I was a child.  While in the classroom I loved two things – 1.  Laughing with my students and 2.  Helping them to feel smart and important.

What are your hobbies?

Mary Beth:  I turned some of my interests – real estate, interior design, and decorating into a new career (you know, after that job cut).  I started a Home Staging and Design business.  For over two years now I’ve had a ton of fun helping homeowners prepare their homes for the real estate market and others turn the spaces in their homes into  spaces they love.

What makes a good blogger

Mary Beth:  I love bloggers that have voice in their writing.  I’m also a sucker for pictures.  So, I’d say a good blogger has personality and a camera.

What's on your reading list?

Mary Beth:  I’ve just started Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  By “just started” I mean I read the same three paragraphs every night before falling asleep.  Maybe I should switch up my reading routine and read in the daylight…

How long have you been in education

Mary Beth:  I taught middle school for over ten years.  I also spent time teaching in Africa, Belize and England.  While teaching I pursued an advanced degree in Educational Leadership.  I had my heart set on writing curriculum.  That’s why TpT has been so wonderful.  I absolutely love creating fun and engaging resources for students (and teachers).

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Mary Beth:  I always wanted to be a teacher.  Always.  I set up classrooms in my basement.   I begged my elementary teachers for extra worksheets that I could use in my “classroom”.  I insisted that my neighbors be my students.  I never wanted to do anything else.  When I’m teaching, I feel so happy.  I have a feeling that more classrooms are in my future.

Thanks for the fun questions ladies.  It’s amazing to be blogging with you all!

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Meet Sherri from Literary Sherri.

What do you love about teaching

Sherri: I especially love helping students prepare to succeed in life! You know — saying hello when someone greets you, including everyone at the table in the conversation, smiling when you pass others in the hall, drying the bathroom counter with a paper towel, helping others pick up their dropped books. I love teaching academics, but when I watch my students become thoughtful, caring, and inclusive — absolutely nothing beats that!

What are your hobbies?

Sherri: I love to travel (especially any place historical), I enjoy live theatre, I craft wreaths, I’m always  reading a few good books, and I make the best spaghetti sauce ever! I don’t quilt, but I adore quilts and have a small collection of them!

What makes a good blogger

Sherri: I especially love reading posts that weave an engaging story with practical information, so I think good bloggers are those  who find the right balance between offering wonderful tips and ideas and personalizing their writing so you feel as if you’ve just had a  cup of coffee and a great conversation with a good friend!

What's on your reading list?

Sherri: Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini, An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff, Cherry Ames’ nursing mysteries (first published in the 40s), and Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix (because I always have a YA novel in the works)!

How long have you been in education

Sherri: I taught school for 23 years and I  have been a Teacher-Author for 2 years (with a bit of subbing on the side) .

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Sherri: I started saying I was going to be a teacher when I was in 4th grade. I was the kid who cried on the last day of school prior to summer breaks and holiday vacations because I wanted to be in school, not at home. (Trust me — no more crying on those days now!) I loved school, I adored my teachers, I enjoyed learning, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life anywhere other than in a classroom!

I’m really excited about 2-stepping with you all! Thank you for inviting me to this dance!

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Meet Margaux Langenhoven.

What do you love about teaching

Margaux: I absolutely love it when a student who is struggling with a concept, suddenly has a light bulb moment.  The expression on their face when they experience success is priceless.  I also thoroughly enjoy the interaction with children; the chats, the laughs and the special relationships that are formed.

What are your hobbies?

Margaux:  I have a four year old daughter and my son is one.  I resigned from teaching when my son was born.  At this stage in my life my hobbies are my children.  I spend as much time interacting, playing, and laughing with them.  When I have a free moment, I really enjoy reading, knitting and of course, working on my TpT store.  Creating teaching resources has now become a hobby rather than a job.

What makes a good blogger

Margaux:  It is important for a blogger to be able to connect with their audience.  Communicating freely and easily makes the reader feel like it’s a conversation and that a relationship is being formed.  Eye-catching pictures are also a must!

What's on your reading list?

Margaux: Wow, I have read some amazing books, namely The Book Thief, Room and The Girl you Left Behind.  Unfortunately, since my son was born, I have not been able to really get into a book ( mainly due to a bit of sleep deprivation).  I am looking for a good book to catch my attention (especially seeing that December is summer vacation for me – I am in South Africa), so any suggestions are welcome.

How long have you been in education

Margaux:  I have taught Middle School for 7 years, mainly Math and English.  I am also Special Needs trained so would like to get into that field once my children go to school.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Margaux:  Both my parents were teachers (although my dad stopped teaching before I was born).  I used to ‘help’ my mom mark (oops, that’s a South African term that slipped in) grade papers as a child and when she moved from Upper Elementary to Preschool, I would spend my vacations ‘teaching’ her students.  Teaching is all I know, it is something I have always wanted to do.


The Teahing 2 Step Time for a Giveaway

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The Teaching 2 Step Meet the teacher ebook

All  of our bloggers have Teachers Pay Teachers stores. It is a place where we share resources for students.  You can download this e-book we created to  meet our teacher authors. You can find our best sellers, see what’s on sale, and find our favorite free product. Click on the image below to download the ebook from dropbox!

Meet The Teaching 2 Step Teachers Pay Teachers Authors eBook

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The Teaching 2 Step Halloween Bash 2014

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Welcome to our First Halloween Blog Hop & Giveaway

We have so much to share with you …let’s get started by meeting all the authors at The Teaching 2 Step and seeing what some of their favorite”treats” are…

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When you hop over to our other TPT friends you will get a wide variety of Halloween recipes, FREE products, sales and you just might hear some good Halloween tales. Thanks for joining us—let’s have some fun!


We have three great giveaway packs for you to enter. We will be giving away two of our prize packs on jump drives (in snail mail) and e-mailing the third. However, that is only JUST the beginning of all the free stuff you can get during this Blog Hop.  Please see all the teachers linked below and visit each of their blogs for free items, tips and sale announcements. Here are the three prize packs.

K-2 Prize Pack Teaching 2 Step jump drive full of all these treats…

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2-5 Prize Pack Teaching 2 Step jump drive full of all these treats…

Halloween Bash Giveaway
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Secondary Prize Pack e-mailed to the winner!

Halloween Bash Giveaway

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.ArtwithJennyK is celebrating her first TpT Birthday ..and did you know it’s Art with Jenny K’s 1st TPT Birthday??? She’s so excited about her first year at TPT that she’s giving away a hard copy of her Interactive Coloring Book, and the cutest recycled crayons that she makes. Any little artist would love.  She wrote a post about them you can find them here.

If you haven’t already, hop over to her blog to enter to win this book and the crayons (click on the picture below). The giveaway also includes $10 store credit from each of the Teaching 2 Step authors.

ArtwithJennyK Pop Art Coloring Pages

Another celebration moment, allow us to introduce to you to the newest author at The Teaching 2 Step. Her name is Mary Beth and you probably know her best from her amazing Teachers Pay Teachers store, Brain Waves Instruction.

MB - Facebook

We are so excited that she has joined us. Recently, Mary Beth was the organizer of one of the three free ebooks for secondary teachers. If you missed those books you can find our post about them HERE. Welcome Mary Beth, we are so excited to have you. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

To see more TpT Bloggers click the picture below.

Thank you for joining our 2 steppin’ adventures!

The Teaching 2 Step Gals
Celeste, Jenny, Meredith, Karen, Jennifer,
Maryann, Amanda and Mary Beth.