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An Epic 6-12 ELA Giveaway!


If you’re  a Middle School or High School ELA teacher, you won’t want to miss this Epic ELA Giveaway!

Mary Beth from Brain Waves Instruction and Jackie from Room 213 have teamed up to organize an amazing prize package featuring top-notch resources from 17 Secondary ELA TpT sellers!

The winner will receive a collection of resources  for reading, writing, research, poetry, speech-writing, media literary, and more! The best part: all resources in the prize package are non-text-specific so you can quickly and easily integrate them with your own curriculum! See why this giveaway is EPIC?!?


Check out the Winner’s Prize Package here:

Room 213:  Close Reading Lessons 

Brain Waves Instruction:  Substitute Teacher Toolkit

Study All Knight: A Flip Book for the Research Process

The Classroom Sparrow: A Speech Writing Mini-Book

Julie Faulkner: Graphic Organizers for Focused Reading

The Daring English Teacher: Editable English Tests

Presto Plans: Grammar Resource Bundle

The Language Arts Classroom: Write a Tabloid for a Mobile Device

The OCBeach Teacher: Reading Strategies for any Text

Stacey Lloyd: Figurative Language Posters

Brynn Allison: Poetry Constructed Responses

Literary Sherri: Reading Response Journal for any Text

The ELA Buffet: Poetry Close Reading

Tracee Orman: Figurative Language Interactive Reading Notebook

Addie Williams: Media Literacy and Advertising Pack

Juggling ELA: Journal Prompts Task Cards

Secondary Sara: Movie v Text Bundle

Did I mention you get up to 50 chances to win! Just follow each seller on TpT, Facebook, and her blog. Every click gives you a chance to win the amazing bundle of prizes! The winner (AKA “Luckiest ELA Teacher on Earth!”) will be announced on Sunday, February 7th at 5pm EST. Follow a few fabulous Secondary Teacher-Authors here . . . and best of luck!

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Motivating Homework Twists

Homework?!  Why does it have to be such a hassle?  Who knew that assigning, grading, and managing homework would be so time consuming?  In fact, I’ve found that one of the most tedious tasks is tracking down students with missing assignments and managing makeup work.  This homework chase got me thinking…

Teaching 2 Step - 1

Then, I remembered that there are two assignments that 100% of my students complete every year.  Yes, ALL of my students, even the ones who never complete homework, hand in these assignments.  One assignment is when they bring in song lyrics and the other is when they write a poem and then completely dirty it up.  I love those days.  My students are practically giddy coming into the classroom and begging to share their work.  Now…the other 180 days of the year…well, I’ve decided to infuse a few homework twists into regular homework assignments.  Here are 3 homework twists that have worked for me…and the results…well, there’s nothing like a room full of students proud and excited about HOMEWORK!

Teaching 2 Step - 2

Homework Motivator #1:  Break all the homework rules and tell students that instead of perfect, neat assignments, you want them to bring in the dirtiest and messiest homework ever.  Tell students that they can run over their work with their bikes, soak it in ketchup, or tear it into bits.  They just have to bring it in sealed in a plastic bag.  Also, have them create a clean version that you can actually grade.  Yes, that means that they do their homework twice (very tricky), but they don’t care.  They all try to outdo each other in dirtiness.  It’s so fun!

Teaching 2 Step - 3

Homework Motivator #2:  Tell your students that they don’t have to do their homework.  All they have to do is find someone else to do it for them.  It could be their parent, sibling, friend or neighbor.  Then, all they have to do is grade the homework (which means that they actually have to do the work to get the correct answers – sneaky, right?).  The next day they should hand in the homework already graded.  Super motivating!

Teaching 2 Step - 4

Homework Motivator #3:  Have students answer their homework in a secret code.  The secret code can be something you create – like assigning numbers to letters or pig-Latin or you can have students create their own code and provide a code-cracking key.  You could even have students write all their answers backwards. This is a super fun and engaging way to get students motivated about doing their homework.

Each of these ideas have truly helped increase the homework completion in my classroom.  It’s amazing what a little novelty can do.

I hope they help reduce the homework chase in your classroom, too.

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